Friday, November 11, 2011

Marmoset Toolbag


File - Import model (.obj)
To assign material - on viewport drag and drop material (from the materials slot on the Right hand Top side)
OR in scene choose the object - drag and drop
if you want to delete a MATERIAL - select it and with delete button

TIP* from Substance Pinter to Marmoset - you have to invert Y channel in normal map

PUT MAPS IN THE following order:
- Normal
- Gloss - (if you don't have that map you can lower the values)
- Spec - (if you don't have that map you can lower the values)
- Diffuse

TRANSPARECY slot - DOESN'T work - so the alpha must be in the channel of Diffuse (albedo)

Marmoset Toolbag 1:
(Get the Toolbag here: Marmoset Toolbag - notice that for personal use this thing cost like - one time fee of about $50 USD, but keep in mind that its per 1 machine only. If you change your system configuration, like changing your hard drive - ta-dah.. license is gone, but the good part is - you can write them to give you a new code ;) ).

Camera movement, same as in Maya - ALT + Left Click rotates, ALT + Mid click Pans, ALT + Right Click - Zooms.
If you hold CTRL + Left click - rotates the model.
Hold SHIFT + Left Click - rotates Light.

Open Marmoset Toolbag (MT).
Its very confusing in the beginning, so here what you should do:
File - Open mesh - imports the mesh to preview.
* Tip when you export your .OBJ mesh, in Maya click export settings and check the Groups ON, this way when its imported in MT under MAT menu you will see a right hand side menu - Chunks/Materials, so you can assign different materials on those separate chunks.
* You can import a separate mesh after, so all the meshes have to be combined (in your 3d program) into ONE. THOUGH - you can open a separate Reference mesh!
 on VIE tab - Open Ref Mesh... Also you assign different material on it. Possible to hide/unhide it.
File -if you click Auto Reload Option, everytime you change the texture, or save on the mesh (in external program) it automatically updates it in MT.

To be able to assign material to your mesh - Right hand Menu somewhere down there is a button - NEW Mat - click it, give it a name and save in your hard drive - on directory that is convenient, or same as your project. The name of that new material is shown Under Material tab. Click it. On the left hand side Diffuse - your color map, Normal/Height - your normal map, so on.
Then select a chunk, click that material and hit Apply Selected material.
if you work on the material like adding specularity, Use Alpha Testing (for alphas) so on.. make sure click Save Mat - on the right hand menu.

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