Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zbrush Brushes

Brushes have different Type, Stroke and Alpha.

Brushes are located in 2 different folders
Pixologic >> Zbrush 4.0 >> Zbrushes
Pixologic >> Zbrush 4.0 >> Zdata >> BrushPresets (I use this folder for custom created brushes).
.ZBP is the brush extention.

- PRESS S to change brush size
- PRESS B on keyboard to get brushes menu
- Change BRUSH MOD (modifier) - if positive will push out, if negative will push in.

Make sure you have high enough level of subdivision on your model in order for the brushes to have smooth and nice appearence.

General Settings - Mrgb, Rgb (applies color) (rgb intensity values), Zadd ( usually raise the surface - pulling out), Zsub (usually lower the surface - pushing in), Zintensity - how strong the bush is applied, Focal Shift (makes the inner circle of the brush bigger of smaller - harder or softer applying), Draw size - how big the bush is.

BRUSH TYPES ( Each brush has a unique behavior)

Standard - standard brush if left as default applies soft nice curves when you draw. STANDARD BRUSH - if modifier is 100 - pinch, if modifier -100 Mushroom the mesh for mass and muscles.
Smooth - usually when you press SHIFT by default settings.

Clay - very organic feel
Flaten - flattens the surface
Layer - some more flatten resault
Morph - you have to press Morph target first to get that brush to work. (In Tools Menu - Morph Target >> Store MT). Draw soemthing on your model, select Morph brush and using intensity and settings, it brings back the original model (deletes what you draw after morph target on the model).
Move - move the pieces of geometry, great for reshaping
Move Topological
MOVE brush - turn on Acucurve

Pinch - pulls the geo in.
TrimDinamic - for hard surfaces


Each brush has STROKE feature (stroke is a separate menu in Zbrush)
Drag Rect - great for applying alphas - one alpha per drag.
Freehand -
Spray Stroke - sprays the alphas.
Spray Color - sprays the alpha in more transparent way.
Drag Dot - drags a dot of alpha.

LazyMouse - follows the move of your mouse more precisely, evening the stroke, dependig on settings.
Insert CurveTube
SliceCurve - separate in polygroups
SNakeHOOK brush!!

insertCylinder with SYMERTY (radial)
HOLDING ALT while INSERTBRUSH (then ctrl drag) will make a hole. holding spacebar while draging InsertBrush will move it whiole draging. holding SHIFT while drag - scaling it.

to make BRICK details on Geo - PUT TEXTURE (with bricks), MASK by intensity , USE LAYER BRUSH!

draw lines - perpendicular to make topology
Hold ALT to delete a curve
HOld close to  a green dot, see red line to continue curve
Curve modifiers (in stroke) - Curve snap distance

Hold SHIFT to make round curve line across object

Stroke - curve functions - Smooth

Have your brush on DOTS for stroke. Go to Stroke Menu - Turn on Lazy Mouse, play with Lazy Step values, Lazy Radius 1, Lazy Smooth 0. Basically the Lazy Step is the stroke spacing in Zbrush 4. (at least of what i know.. will update if any other method come up).
ON most brushes under Stroke "Spacing" will not be available..

BIG MODIFICATIONS on low level, FINE detail on HIGH level

Sculpting folds:
Standard,  change Curve AccuCurve ON, Depth, graviti strenght - higher value, more gravity on brush. Stroke - Lazy Mouse ON - Lazy step lower value - 0.02. Dots, Lazy Radius 1.
Brush Modifier - 30,

COLORING in Zbrush:
Standart brush - duplicate - take off lazy mouse - STROKE - RGB ONLY
Start from this base
C= pick upo color
V = switches the color
COLOR SPRAY - STROKE - modifiers - color variations (0 makes the same color)
under BRUSH >> Alpha and Texture - POLYPAINT MODE - 1 - Standart, 2 - Colorize, 3 - Multiply, 4 - Lighten, 5 - Darken

To export a texture from polypaint >>>
Tool Texture Map - New Txtr
Tool Texture Map - Create - New from Polypaint.
Then Clone texture (click the texture IMAGE - export)


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