Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Sculpting References - Human Anatomy

For some time I have been researching for some good sculpting references on Human Anatomy. It's hard. They are not too many of variety out there. For sure one of the very known are Anatomy Tools at
A fantastic source of useful references for Human Anatomy.

Here is my latest a Christmas Gift of which I will do a little review here.
First one is the AnatomyTools Set - Artists Reference Busts - Male Torso Set Pictures:

They are from a very good material, incredible crafting and details. All are very well taken care of packaging and shipping, as you can see. Everything has been custom made with great care.



Here is My Male Figure - Male figure: General use v1A

1:3 life-size aprox - 58x25x12cm
Yellowish - antique color tone. Figure is of 2 parts - LEFT Side shows superficial and RIGHT Side is deeper muscles. Has a magnetic removable head & arms, internal 360° turntable, very easy for observation. 


Here is My Generic Skull: Natural plus Base

Small but so cool. About 2.6"H x 2.6"D x 1.8"W
Cast in bone life-like material, movable jaw. Skull is movable - magnetic neck Stand and base. Here are some picture, close ups and comparison to the 1/3 size big Male Figure.

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