Friday, September 23, 2011

Maya - Painting Effects

Maya Painting Effects

Paint Effects Window - (Rendering) Window - Paint Effects.
Camera - change the views. Object Shading: Wireframe, Shaded, Textured.
Brush - Get Brush, it opens the Visor window.
Resolution - lowering it will get results faster in the window view.
Paint -> Paint Scene or Paint Canvas. Paint Scene is to paint on top of the already existing scene.

Making a texture with painting effects
Allows you to paint and make a new texture.
Go to CANVAS - New texture:
Image name, size of image, background color, Apply texture. Now you have a canvas to paint on. Select a brush and start painting a texture. Great for trees or grass, water...
Brush - Paint, Smear, Blur, Erase
Canvas - Wrap (Horizontally, vertically) - wraps the image with texture when you paint around edges and allows you to paint completely seemless texture.
Canvas - Roll (works similar like "Offset" filter in Photoshop.
Change the brush size while painting by holding down the "B" key.

Save the texture - Paint - Save a snapshot.

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